Wire Rod Lamination


In 1975 we began manufacturing wire rod at the Aceros de Guatemala plant in zone 12. In 1981, we optimized the rolling mill to double production and produce wire rod at a rate of 32 meters per second, generating a monthly capacity of 6,000 tons. In 2008, we moved the factory to Parque Industrial Sidegua, in Masagua, Escueintla, where in October of that same year we began operations with a new rolling mill.            

The wire rod production process uses low-carbon steel billets, manufactured at our steel plant. The billets pass through a reheated furnace in which the temperature is raised to 1,150°C. They are then go through three forming stages in the rolling mill. The final finish is performed on a high-speed (95m/s), Twist Free, mono-block finisher, to reduce its dimension until the wire rod, with a 5.5 mm to 16mm diameter, is produced. We can also produce corrugated wire rod in 7mm to 5/8” rolls.

The finished spiral-shaped product is transported to the roll shaper where it is strapped and labeled before it is sent to the store and made available for dispatch.