Top Quality

Quality control at Corporación Aceros de Guatemala is achieved thanks to the skills and abilities of our staff members and our modern equipment, which allow us to ensure the efficiency of our processes, the excellence of our products and the service provided to our customers. It also ensures strict compliance with the following international and national standards: ASTM and Coguanor.

The quality of our products is backed by two multichannel optical-emission spectrometers that ensure the precision of the chemical composition of the billet. Requirements for results regarding bar tension are verified by two tension/compression testing machines.

Below is a description of international quality standards governing the production of our products:

Wire Rod

  1. ASTM A 510 - 10 (International). A standard specification for general requirements for the production of wire rods and course round wire, carbon steel.


Electro welded Wire

  1. Plain Wire Mesh: Coguanor 36 019. A cold drawn steel electro-welded wire mesh used for concrete reinforcement.
  2. Corrugated Wire Mesh: Coguanor 36 021. A corrugated (cold-formed) steel electro-welded wire mesh used for concrete reinforcement.


High Strength Rod

  1. Plain rod Coguanor 36 018: cold drawn steel wire for concrete reinforcement. 
  2. Corrugated rod Coguanor 36 020: corrugated (cold-formed) wire used for concrete reinforcement.


Corrugated rod

ASTM A 615 - 12 (International). The standard specification for deformed billet-steel bars, for concrete reinforcement.  

  1. Coguanor  NTG 36 011 2013: Plain and corrugated carbon steel bars for concrete reinforcement.