Sidegua is the largest iron and steel industrial park in Central America. It is located in the municipality of Masagua, Department of Escuintla, in the Republic of Guatemala. Operations at this industrial park began in 1994.

The plant previously had a monthly production capacity of 67,500 metric tons and produced billets, wire rod, corrugated rods, electro-welded mesh and plain ¼” rods. After the nail, staple, tie wire, barbed wire, galvanized wire and cyclone-type mesh plants were moved, SIDEGUA’s production capacities increased to 71,000 metric tons per month.  

In January 2012, we included wire as well as preassembled product (such as columns, slabs and strip foundations) manufacturing. At the end of that year, we planned to include steel section manufacturing.

In 2013 we acquired Italian Schnell machinery to manufacture AG iron preassembled products. At this time operations at the new section plant began. The plant has a Danielli 40 ton per hour furnace and 20 Faim rolling mills; it also has a straightening system for the different sections we manufacture, as well as an automatic packaging system.

During that same year, we implemented a one pound bag packaging process for AG nails, using Envamec brand machinery, from Argentina. We also improved our nail box image and began manufacturing 3/8” and ½” rolls of corrugated rods, used as primary material for the AG cutting and folding plant.

In 2014 we approved the installation of the cutting and folding plant at Sidegua industrial park and the heat-treated rod equipment installation project, in compliance with the ASTM A 706 standard.

In 2015 the steel plant only operated one shift due to low international steel prices. The AG Cutting and Folding plant, on the other hand, began its cutting and folding operations at Parque Industrial Siderúrgica de Guatemala –Sidegua—(the Iron and Steel Industrial Park in Guatemala).