Electro-welded Mesh Manufacturing


The electro-welded mesh manufacturing plant began operations in October 2,000 at Parque Industrial Sidegua. Mesh measuring 2.35 x 6 meters in length, as well as of other measures –according to the demand of the market—are produced here. The plant contains a wire drawing machine, made of two wire feeding units, a set of mechanical pickling rollers, a rotational lubricating dustbin, two boxes of tungsten rollers, a reduction and shaping unit, a mono-block and bobbin winder that receives the finished product on spools (cold rolled wire). In 2012 Aceros de Guatemala purchased a new wire drawing machine and increased its production capacity.              

            The process is the following:

1.    Fifty percent of the wire on spools is processed in the transverse rod straighteners, where it is straightened and cut to the required mesh manufacture measure, which can be from 1.60 m to 2.5 m.


2.    The other 50% of the wire on 16 spools is placed on the mesh welder, where it is threaded and calibrated in longitudinal rod straightener rollers. Subsequently, we manufacture the mesh with the 2.35 m transverse rod bundles. The welder is a machine designed to automatically weld and cut the sheets to the programmed measure. 


3.    Lastly, the mesh moves on to a turner and stacker for its transfer to the finished product warehouse.


In August 2003, Aceros de Guatemala refitted a transverse rod straighter to begin producing high strength rods measuring 3.8 m, 4.5 m, 5.5 m, 6.2 m, 7.2 m in diameter and 9.5 mm x 6 m in length.        

In July 2004, we began manufacturing mesh for construction in 40 m length x 2.35 width rolls, so as to help builders avoid splicing and contribute to product usability.

In 2012, the corporation acquired a new straightener to produce 6 m and 9 m long rods.