AG Wire

The steel wires manufactured by Corporación Aceros de Guatemala are used for different purposes linked to agriculture, livestock and construction, among others.       

AG Tie Wire

AG Tie Wire is made using size 16, 17 ¼ or 18 BWG wire drawings, in a large 650 mm diameter roll or small 490 mm diameter roll, which is placed in an electric annealing furnace to provide the required malleability. Tensile strength complies with the ASTM A853-04 standard. Each roll weighs 100 pounds.  

AG Barbed Wire

The different types of barbed wire produced by Corporación Aceros de Guatemala are the following: AG 400, Cerca, Económico and Toro, manufactured with top-quality raw material.

AG Galvanized Wire

AG Galvanized Wire has a guaranteed regular-dip galvanized zinc coating, with 99.99% purity, as per the ASTMA641/A641m-03 standard. It comes in 100 and 500 pound rolls.

AG Wire Drawing

AG Wire Drawing, is manufactured with SAE 1006 and SAE 1008 grade wire rod, in the following sizes