AG Social Awareness

From the beginning, Aceros de Guatemala has been concerned for the wellbeing of its employees and also aware of the needs of the Guatemalan people. In 2002, with the desire to benefit society and with the objective of contributing to the growth and development of the Guatemalan people, Aceros de Guatemala officially established the AG Social Awareness program, focused on education, health and the environment. A logo, containing a heart and the AG Star was created and is embroidered on the uniform of each employee so that each and every company member will identify with the feeling of sharing, providing support, giving and serving.           

Educational Program

In 2011, with the desire to promote educational growth among our employees, Corporación Aceros de Guatemala implemented an educational program to help facilitate and support its employees to complete their elementary, middle school and high-school studies. The program provides students with 50% to 100% of the registration fee and from 50% to 100% of the cost of the school supplies –depending on the corresponding educational level—as well as the opportunity to receive classes in the company’s facilities, on a weekly basis.

Thanks to the Educational Program, to date, 372 employees have been able to obtain their High School Diploma. In 2015, 185 students are enrolled in this program, as follows:

High School:   78        students
Middle School: 83      students
Elementary:    24        students

In addition to ordinary academic activities, the educational program includes activities that foster the values and vision of Aceros de Guatemala, in this way promoting a culture of excellence in the lives of all the students. 

The graduation ceremonies, carried out by Aceros de Guatemala in collaboration with the Liceo Rotterdam school, for the students of the educational program were held on November 22 and 29, 2015, With this class, a total of 372 employees have graduated from high school, during the five-year life period of this program.

Scholarships for the Best Students of the Educational Program

Seeking to promote and motivate the development of all the students pertaining to the educational program, since 2011, four scholarships are awarded each year to outstanding students. The recipients of such scholarships receive full yearly tuition, registration fee and supplies. 

Support and Donations to Schools in Masagua

Through this program, Aceros de Guatemala has supported different schools, especially in the area of Masagua, by delivering educational material, building classrooms, donating construction materials, providing notebooks, desks, water filters, wood stoves, etc.

Practitioner Program

In our commitment to society, as stated in our mission, each year Aceros de Guatemala opens its doors to 125 high-school and university level practitioners, allowing them to develop the skills and knowledge acquired as students, while proving many of them with job opportunities.

The company has primarily received practitioners from the following educational institutions: Intecap, Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, Universidad Rafael Landívar Universidad Mariano Gálvez, Schools located near its main offices.


In terms of health, preventive, curative, educational and informational campaigns have been performed so as to create a healthy and safe environment for company employees. In terms of the environment, Aceros has implemented a recycling program for different reusable materials (paper, carton, glass and plastic bottles, cans, etc.) as well as collecting steel scrap to avoid environmental contamination and contribute to caring for our planet.  

As a company aware and sensitive to the current housing situation in the country,  Aceros de Guatemala has joined forces with the foundation Techo Guatemala, since 2011, donating all the nails used to build emergency housing built by this foundation.  

Coaching Workshops

Believing in the importance of personal growth and development, Corporación Aceros de Guatemala supports its employees, personally, so that they may participate in the Discovery and “Poder Total” coaching workshops run by Dominican coach Stormy Reynoso. These workshops are aimed at identifying the limitations that prevent individuals from dreaming and reaching their goals, and teach participants about choice-making and trust.