AG Piping


Three types of AG Intupersa Brand piping is manufactured: light, medium and schedule 40, also known as heavyweight. The light and medium piping is manufactured according to the BS1387-1985 standard, which requires the hydrostatic test to verify the 775 psi resistance. The schedule 40 piping complies with the ASTM A53-07 standard. This standard requires that the hydrostatic test be performed to verify its resistance, which varies according to the diameter, between 700 to 2,500 PSI for a minimum of five seconds.        

Two different types of piping are produced: black (process) and galvanized. Both types use hot-rolled sheets as raw material, using continuous welding that allows for high-speed production and optimum quality.

AG Intupersa black piping is generally used in metal structures, hydraulic and steam systems.

AG Intupersa galvanized piping has a 330 to 430 g/m2 zinc coating for light and medium piping. An average coating of 550 g/mw is used on schedule 40 piping and is used to transfer fluids (water and low pressure air), extending the life time of the piping. It can be provided with plain or threaded (NPT type) ends, each unit measuring 6 meters in length. Below is a table containing the characteristics of each type of piping.

AG Steel Piping specifications

  • The weight of the Black Piping, pluse an average 3.27% aproximately equals the weight of the Galvanized Piping.
  • NOTE: 6 m. length units FACTOR 1 kg= 2.2046 pounds ab. • 1 Lb. = 0.4536 kg
  • NOTA: Unidades de 6 m. de longitud FACTOR 1 kg. = 2.2046 lbs. ab. • 1 Lb. = 0.4536 kg.